Learn about how Dinno Health’s focus on customer service and their partnership with ALL CPAs has allowed their pharmacies to thrive and expand.

Dinno Health

In a world where chain drug stores are ubiquitous, Dinno Health provides a refreshing alternative, offering not only exceptional customer service in its local pharmacies, but also the highest level of care for each and every patient that walks through its doors or receives medication at home through the delivery service. Co-owners and pharmacists Ray and Saad Dinno have built their business on this concept, bringing a much-needed personal touch to the increasingly corporate world of retail pharmacy.

Dinno Health owns three local pharmacies: Acton Pharmacy, Keyes Drug (in Newton) and West Concord Pharmacy. Each pharmacy offers its respective community a broad array of health and wellness items, including prescriptions, over-the-counter remedies such as cough and cold preparations, a full range of high quality vitamins and nutritional supplements, and home health supplies and equipment.

Highly dedicated employees – many of whom have years of service – aim to accommodate customers in every way, including providing compounded medications at two of the pharmacies (Acton Pharmacy and Keyes Drug) for patients who need individualized medication, such as a child needing a pediatric strength of an adult medication or a patient needing a medication without an inactive ingredient to which they might be allergic.

Ray and Saad are each highly accomplished registered pharmacists. Both, in fact, have previously served as president of the Massachusetts Independent Pharmacists Association.

Co-Owners Saad Dinno, RPh, FIACP, FACA and Ray Dinno, RPh

Co-Owners Saad Dinno, RPh, FIACP, FACA and Ray Dinno, RPh

Saad is a multiple award-winning pharmacist, having been named the Margaret Bauman Outstanding Medical Professional for his work serving the autism community as well as the Dr. M. George Webber 2014 Compounding Pharmacist of the Year by the Professional Compounding Centers of America.  The Massachusetts Pharmacists Association also recognized Saad as the Massachusetts Innovative Pharmacist of the Year.

Because both brothers excel in their profession, Dinno Health pharmacies similarly flourish in their communities. Saad and Ray attribute the high level of community engagement to growing up in Keyes Drug, which their father, Ramzi, owned before turning it over to the brothers.  Service to the community was a virtue instilled by Ramzi, who still works on the bench at Keyes filling prescriptions and counseling patients.

At Dinno Health, pharmacists work closely with health care providers to find a course of therapy that best serves patients’ needs.

How ALL CPAs Helped:

ALL CPAs has worked with the Dinno family for over 30 years. The support that ALL has provided enabled Saad and Ray to acquire the two additional pharmacies and to grow the business, including substantial renovation at all three sites and the construction of new compounding labs at Acton Pharmacy and Keyes Drug.

ALL has provided Saad and Ray with full-service tax and retirement planning, and has helped the pharmacies prepare for the future by developing a succession plan.  The firm enables Dinno Health to operate a retirement plan that supports long-term employee retention, which is critical to operating successful pharmacies.

Dinno Health employees in the compounding lab

Dinno Health employees in the compounding lab

ALL, and specifically Principal Nick Nichols, CPA, CVA have been vital resources to our company and have allowed us to grow, employ more people, and serve more patients,” said Saad Dinno.  “Operating independent pharmacies is difficult in this environment, with many pressure points.  We could not do what we do without a trusted accounting and financial partner, and that is what we have in ALL.”

At ALL CPAs, we value forging long-term relationships with our clients to help them reach their goals and prosper. If you are interested in learning more about how ALL can help your business, please contact us below.

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